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Facility Rentals at Strathearn Historical Park

The facility rentals at Strathearn Park are managed by Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District.  The barn and grounds for events/receptions are available from February or March through the first weekends of October.   The barn/grounds are not available outside of the rental season which is February through the first weekend of October.  It is possible to rent the church building for a ceremony only (no reception, or event in the barn) outside of our ‘rental season.’  Dates are able to be reserved 18 months in advance of the event.  We generally have only one event per weekend.

We will book facility rental dates up to eighteen months in advance. 


Available weekends 2021 - dates include:

Available weekends 2022 - dates include:
March  26/27

July - 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30/31
August - All weekends 
September - 10/11 , 24/25


***Some dates listed as available may be in the process of being booked.  Please email to confirm that the listed dates are available.***


**Click below for Rental Fees/Rates**

In District - Resident Rates

Out of District - Non-Resident Rates

Strathearn Rental Applications and other Useful Documents

Strathearn Rental Applications

Strathearn Sample Set-up Schematics

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To answer some common questions:

Q: What do the rental fees include?
- We are a do-it-yourself venue.  The fees listed include the venue, tables, chairs, and the the set up of the tables and chairs only.  Everything else (decor, set-up, clean-up, all vendors) is up to you!

Q: How many guests can Strathearn Accommodate?
- The capacity of the gazebo area or barn is 180 The capacity for the church is 70.

Q: What time can we start setting up in the Morning?
- Set up may begin at the beginning of the rental.  For example, if your rental is 2pm-10pm...set-up may begin at 2pm.

Q: What rental time frames are available?
You may choose to have a morning, afternoon or evening event.  There is a six hour minimum for events/receptions in the barn (no ceremony) and an eight hour minimum for an event that includes a ceremony and reception.

Q: What if we need extra time?
Requests for extra time must be pre-arranged a month before the event.  Requests for extra time the day of the event can not be accommodated.  Additional hours may be purchased for $216 an hour on the day of the event.  All rentals (including clean-up) will end no later than 11pm.  Additional hours the DAY BEFORE the event may also be purchased for $150 an hour (on the day before: after 3pm, maximum of three hours). 

Q: Is clean-up of the venue included in the fees?

No...Clean-up is the responsibility of your party, whoever is assisting you, or whoever you hire. It is recommended that the last hour of your rental is set aside for clean up.  Optional:  You may pay for assistance cleaning up at the conclusion of the event.  

- None of our structures are air-conditioned, including our barn.

- Alcohol is permitted, providing the proper insurance is in place. This insurance may possibly be obtained through your homeowner’s policy OR you may purchase a policy through Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, with the cost added to your rental fees.  Bartenders are required under some circumstances.

- If alcohol is SOLD at an event, an ABC Permit is required and an additional $160 fee will apply.

- We do have restrooms on-site.

- There is an $34 to have a bounce-house at an event, and the vendor must be selected from the approved RSRPD list

- We do have a modest ‘bride’s room,’ or accommodations for some of the wedding party to dress. It is not air-conditioned

- We do not have kitchen facilities; the caterers need to be self-contained.

- Any caterer may be used (including food trucks), as long as they are licensed and have the proper insurance.

-The park is open to the public on weekends from 1-4pm and Monday-Friday from 9-3pm. The park does not close early due to facility rentals.

-No candles, sparklers, fire pits or open flame is allowed onsite, with the exception of equipment used by licensed caterers.

-No Mechanical bulls, dunk tanks, rock climbing walls or other 'high intensity' attractions permitted at rentals.

- Payment may be made in cash, check, credit card, debit card, cashiers check or money order, payable to Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District.

The property is shown by appointment Monday-Friday from 9-3 and evenings/weekends as necessary.  Please email (preferred) or call 805.526.6453 to make an appointment, or with any questions.


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