Welcome to Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District's Outdoor Programing

Our outdoor programs and activities are offered throughout the year for youth and adults.  Our goal is to nurture and encourage a life-long love of outdoor Recreation and Education.  Community agencies frequently partner with us to provide fun, interactive, and informative learning for people of varying skill levels and abilities.

Our outdoor programs are comprised of four main areas:

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Clinics & Workshops - Learning & Leadership
Clinics are shorter than workshops and can be expected to last about one hour to a half day, depending on the activity.  Workshops are more in-depth than clinics and are usually one to two days in length.

Smart Cycling Class
Registration Required.  Registration opens April 28th  
  Bike Safety Flyer   Half Page

Join us as we review the basics and rules of safety for cycling with League Certified Instructor, Nick Esser. 
Participants (12 years of age and older) will enjoy the classroom setting as we go over everything from the A-B-Cs of Cycling to practical experience, with hands-on training. 

Don’t forget to bring your bike and helmet! 
You’ll need it for the hands-on training. 
Arrive early and have your bike inspected by a specialist from All Pro Bike Shop.  If possible, minor repairs may be completed on-site.

Garden Therapy - Presenting two FREE clinics!   
Limited space is available!  Registration is encouraged.  Registration opens April 28th  

Master Gardener Clinics  6.24.23 and 7.8.23


Caring for your Landscape in a Drought


Replacing Your Lawn:  Alternatives      

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Adventure - Exploring Nature - Health & Wellbeing
Nature area trips may include camping trips, hiking outings, bike rides, and more!

     Spring Wildflower Walks
       Join us on one of our 6 guided wildflower walks between March 11th through June 6th

Spring Wildflower Walk   Trail Listing  Half Page

       Directions to trails- Click here for more information

       Participate in our Wildflower Scavenger Hunt - Click here for more information

    Wildflower Scavenger Hunt Listing Pg. 1 - Click here
    Wildflower Scavenger Hunt Listing Pg. 2 - Click here  

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Community Events - Community Engagement - Social Connection

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Positive Contributions to the Environment