Swim Lessons



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Our progressive swim lesson program is designed to teach stroke development, swimming skills, and water safety to individuals at all levels. Through our lessons, swimmers not only build confidence and water competency but also cultivate a lifelong love for the water. We are dedicated to nurturing well-rounded swimmers with a strong foundation in both skill and safety.

If you are returning to our swim lesson program – welcome back! You will notice some exciting updates!

SCHEDULE: Sessions now run Monday to Friday for one week, offering increased availability, allowing swimmers to progress at their own pace, and simplifying summer planning. 

CLASS/LEVEL NAMES: We've updated the names of our tiny tot and youth swim lesson levels to better reflect the skills taught in each class. To help with the transition, the previous class names are listed beneath the new levels on the Class/Level Descriptions. 

WATER CONFIDENCE CLASS: We are excited to introduce a new class designed for children needing extra support in getting accustomed to the water and fostering a positive experience. This 15-minute class is specifically recommended for children who are fearful of water, uncomfortable with water on their face, and/or have no prior experience. It's not a traditional learn-to-swim lesson but aims to build water confidence.

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REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Swim Lesson Registration closes the Thursday (at 11:00 PM) prior to the start of each session. Due to instructor scheduling and class assignments, registrations will not be accepted after this deadline. 

AQUATICS REFUNDS: Refunds, minus a $5 administration fee per class, will be deducted from all participant-initiated refund requests if requested TWO business days before the start of the class during business hours (M-F, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM). After the start of the session, refunds will only be granted for medical emergencies with a dated doctor’s note. Refund requests will not be accepted after the end of the session. Refunds will be granted due to RSRPD pool closures. 

Example: Your swim lesson session starts on Monday, refund or change requests must be made by the Thursday prior to the first day of class.

AQUATICS CHANGES: Session or level changes must be made TWO business days before the start of the class during business hours (M-F, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM). Changes are subject to class and enrollment availability. A $5 administration fee will not be charged for students who progress to the next level, or who are recommended to move based on instructor recommendation.

AQUATICS MAKE-UPS: Due to the high demand for swim lessons and the intricate scheduling of instructors, we do not offer make-up lessons.

SWIM DIAPER GUIDELINES: All non-toilet trained individuals are required to wear two snug fitting swim diapers in the water at all times. The outer diaper must be a snug fitting non-disposable diaper, and the inner diaper can be either an additional non-disposable diaper OR a reusable swim diaper. The inner diaper must be completely covered by the outer non-disposable swim diaper as an extra barrier of protection. If you think there is ANY possibility of your child having an accident, please put swim diapers on them. If your child soils their diaper during the course of a swim lesson, they must be taken immediately to the bathroom to be changed. Do not wait until swim is over to change your child’s diaper, do not change diapers on the pool deck.