The Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District is an approved vendor for several local charter schools. If you would like to use school funds to participate in one of our classes, please complete the Charter School Registration Form. An RSRPD registration form must accompany every purchase order/certificate no exceptions!

RSRPD accepts funds for any of our programs found in the Simi Valley and Oak Park Activity Guides. Please note: Some classes fill quickly once available. Registering at a later time may result in your child being placed on the waitlist. 

RSRPD is serving the following schools for the 2023-2024 school year. Parents are responsible for knowing your school's service dates, last date to place orders, and last date to receive services. 

  • Blue Ridge Academy (approval pending for  2024-2025)
  • Golden Valley Charter School
  • iLead Charter Schools 
  • Sage Oak Charter School (approval pending for 2024-2025)
  • Compass Charter School (approval pending for  2024-2025)
  • Heartland Charter School (approval pending for  2024-2025)
  • Peak Prep (approved for 2024-2025)

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes can charter funds be used for?
RSRPD accepts the use of charter funds for most classes and activities listed in the Activity Guide. Funds cannot be used for:

  • SEE Me program
  • After school clubs
  • Special events
Your school may have restrictions on the types of activities they will approve. Please check with your teacher to make sure funds will be approved.

My school won't pay for classes during break. What do I do?
Many schools will not pay for classes that take place during spring break, winter break, etc. RSRPD will not prorate classes! Parents have the option of paying the difference out of pocket or sign up for a session that does not conflict with school breaks. 
How do I register for a class?
You will need to complete a two step registration process - one with RSRPD, another with your school. 

Ensuring your child's spot in class is quick and simple! Just follow these steps:

1. Request funds through your school
2. Fill out and submit the Charter School Registration Form
3. Wait to receive your class confirmation

And that's it! your child is registered for class.
How do I request funds through my school?
Different schools use different processes when requesting funds. Please contact your teacher to find out how to request school funds.
I don't have have a purchase order (P.O.) or certificate number. What do I put on the form?
This information is used to communicate with the school should there be an issue regarding funds. Please provide a confirmation or processing number that the school has given you for the order. 
Class was cancelled. How do I get a refund?
Great question since this is a tricky process.

If class was cancelled before the first class (i.e. low enrollment): 
  • We will inform you that class has been cancelled. We will then process the refund with the school. The funds will be available through your charter school. No refund will be available directly to you through RSRPD. 

If class was cancelled during the session (i.e. instructor sick) and there is no make up
  • We will inform you that class was cancelled and that there will be a credit of $X. These prorations will be communicated to your school. Typically these funds will be available through your charter school. 
My school requires confirmation that my child is enrolled before issuing funds.
Please email staff to let us know. We will process the registration form as soon as possible and send you a confirmation. We do ask that you request funds the same day your confirmation is sent.
How often do I need to fill out a registration form?
RSRPD requires all classes taken have to have a registration form associated with it. A registration form MUST be filled out for every class taken. You can use one form for multiple classes and/or children.
My school sent me a confirmation that funds were sent. Is my child registered?
NO! Funds from the school does not confirm that your child is registered for the class. If you do not receive an RSRPD Class Confirmation, then your child is not registered.  Registrations will be processed unless we receive a registration form! A delay in receiving the form may cause your child to be placed on the waitlist and/or the class being cancelled due to low enrollment.
My school isn't a school that is being serviced by RSRPD. Can you add them?
We'll do our best to service your school. Please contact staff and inform us of the school your child is enrolled in and we will do the work to partner with your school in a timely manner. Please note this can take up to 3 months to complete.
I filled out the registration form online. Do I need to save and send a copy to staff?
No. This is an online form meaning that once you hit submit, you receive a copy for your records and staff is emailed a completed copy as well. Forms are typically processed within 2 hours of being received, however it can take up to 2 business days.