Pokemon Hunt Oak Park



Hunt down elusive Pokemon characters around Oak Park this Fall beginning August 19.  Locate the invisible Pokemon stencil on concrete paths in each of our parks which will only appear when you get them wet.  NO APP REQUIRED, just a water bottle or water toy.  Have fun finding them and share your images on our Facebook page. Hidden locations within each park are in the clues below.  Take a selfie or group picture at each spot and when you have captured all eight, come to the Oak Park Community Center (1000 N. Kanan Road) M-F 8am-4:30pm to collect a Pokemon Pack (while supplies last). Hidden stencils are expected to last until December depending on the weather.  

Deerhill Park 6700 Doubletree Rd.
I am one of the original three starters, I am cool when I wear sun glasses, you can find me near the softball field.

Oak Canyon Park 5600 Hollytree Dr.
I am one of the most powerful water Pokemon, my mouth is always open wide. If you see me in the water,
swim away as fast as you can!  You can find me near the duck pond located on one of the side walkways closer north towards the Oak Park Community Center. You can come into the Community Center and ask for a water balloon and maybe get another clue. 

Mae Boyar 130 Kanan Rd.
I am a very playful Pokemon; sometimes for fun I like to squirt ink out of my nose!  You can find me near the playground.

Chaparral Park 217 N. Medea Creek Lane
I am very friendly and as tall as a small tree. I can easily carry your family on my back.
 You can find me near the picnic benches.

Eagle View Park 1240 Hidden Springs Ave.
I am the water evolution of Eevee; people think my tail looks like a mermaid.  You can find me near the playground.

Indian Springs Park 4800 Rockfield St.
I always have a headache and I can blow stuff up with my mind.  You can find near the sand volleyball court.

Valley View Park 100 Los Arcos Dr.
I am the sloth of the sea, I use my tail to catch food.  You can find me near the soccer field.

Medea Creek Park Conifer St. and Parkview Dr.
I am known to be the weakest Pokemon before I evolve. I spend a lot of time splashing about.
 I am located just outside the storm drain tunnel close to Conifer street and the cross street Parkview Drive, the area is close to where the bike/walk path begins along Medea Creek.