Staff Directory

Below is our Staff Directory. If you are unable to find the contact you are looking for, please call 805-584-4400 or email
Department First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Administration Dan Paranick District Manager 805-584-4400
Administration Sandee Covone Executive Assistant 805-823-0971
Administration Brittany Wilson Human Resources Coordinator 805-584-4408
Recreation Zach Miller Director of Recreation 805-584-4442
Planning and Maintenance Wayne Nakaoka Director of Planning and Maintenance 805-584-4424
Administration Theresa Pennington Director of Administration 805-584-4417
Recreation Danielle June Recreation Supervisor 805-584-4432
Recreation Richard Lemmo Recreation Coordinator 805-584-4441
Recreation Laura Ballantoni Recreation Supervisor 805-584-4456
Recreation Greg Laranjo Recreation Coordinator 805-584-4456
Recreation Erin Pierik Recreation Coordinator 805-584-4436
Recreation Jeannie Liss Recreation Coordinator 818-865-9304
Recreation Nikki Davy Administrative Secretary 805-584-4415
Recreation Dave DeMaio Recreation Coordinator 805-584-4475
Recreation Field Conditions 805-584-4433
Recreation Bryan Horstmanshof Recreation Program Specialist (Age 50+ Programs) 805-583-6059
Recreation Nikki Collier Recreation Program Specialist 805-584-4453
Planning and Maintenance Barbara Meinel Administrative Secretary 805-584-4418
Planning and Maintenance Robert Mendez Senior Building Maintenance Supervisor 805-584-4427
Planning and Maintenance John Kreiger Senior Grounds Maintenance Supervisor 805-584-4444
Planning and Maintenance Paul Friedeborn Senior Grounds Maintenance Supervisor 805-584-4420
Planning and Maintenance Eugene Molnar Senior Grounds Maintenance Supervisor 818-889-9845
Planning and Maintenance Douglas Duran Landscape Designer 805-584-4480
Planning and Maintenance Tom Evans Landscape Designer 805-584-4422
Planning and Maintenance Jonathan Schwartz Landscape Designer 805-584-4431
Planning and Maintenance Pat Havens Museum Director/City Historian 805-526-6453
Administration Teresa Moore Accounting Specialist AP 805-584-4410
Administration Tracy Heminuk Payroll Specialist/Accountant 805-584-4411
Administration Lee Martin Computer Support Specialist 805-584-4446
Administration Miguel Chavez Accountant 805-584-4409
Administration Jim Rosales Senior Park Ranger 805-584-4445
Recreation Brian Reed Golf Course Manager 805-522-0803
Recreation Matt Williamson Golf Professional III 805-522-0803
Recreation Jeff Hache Senior Maintenance Supervisor 805-578-2352