Oak Canyon Community Park Trail

The trail round-trip is approximately 2 3/4 miles. The views from the trail are of the near hillsides and are enchantingly pleasant. One trail is a paved road along the east side of the park and then continues north to Bromely Drive. The other returns south to the park and continues along the west side of the park. Just south of Bromely Drive is a dirt track, which parallels the paved road along the east side of the wash bottom before returning to the paved section.
The trail is located off Kanan Rd. and a portion surrounds Oak Canyon Community Park. Trailheads can be accessed from Lindero Canyon Rd., Bromely Dr., and off Hollytree Dr., just pass the gates.

This trail connects with the Rock Ridge Trail at the southwest end, next to the pond. Portions of the Rock Ridge Trail have extremely steep terrain - Please take this into consideration and use the utmost caution if utilizing this trail.

Safety Tips

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