Sunrise Meadow Creekside Trail

The trail is approximately 0.9 miles in length. From Kanan Road, the trail extends a few hundred feet northeast and turns right 90 degrees around the southeasterly end of the subdivision. Opposite Oak Springs Drive, the trail forks with one branch extending south to Sunnycrest Drive just opposite Trefoil Avenue. If you go back to the fork in the trail, the other branch extends northeast to Doubletree Road.

The Trail is located approximately 1.5 miles from the intersection of Lindero Canyon Rd. & Kanan Rd., as the crow flies. The trail has four trailheads: Kanan Rd. in the west; Sunnycrest Dr. in the south; Doubletree Rd. in the east; and Oak Point Dr. in the north.

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Sunrise Meadow Creedside B

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