Medea Creek Trail & Natural Park

Medea is Spanish for “middle,” so the name is probably from the Rancho Period. There are three segments of the trail. The first segment extends between Oak Hills Drive on the south, along the east side of Medea Creek north to Calle Rio Vista. Some workout stations are present along the asphalt trail and along Oak Hills Drive. The vegetation along either side of the canyon is lush and is dominated by Valley and coast live oak trees. The second segment extends south of Oak Hill Drive and beyond Conifer Street. The trail is paved on the east side of the creek. On the west side one segment is a dirt path and the southern end has a pedestrian bridge. The trails are well used and generally abut housing. The third segment of the trail extends from Sunnycrest Drive north to Kanon Road near the Oak Park Library.

Medea Creek Trails lie between south of Kanan Rd. and north of Conifer St. The trails form a "Y" shape and have many trailheads; some can be accessed from Medea Creek Ln., Conifer St., Oak hills Dr., Kanan Rd.

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