Rocky Peak Trail

The Rocky Peak Trail begins at the Rocky Peak interchange. From the Simi Valley side, the Old Santa Susana Pass Road must be taken to the top of the pass. The property is owned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. The trail is in the form of a fire road, which is broad and clear of vegetation. Rocky Peak is 2.5 miles from the trailhead and rises approximately 1,100 feet. The trail rises rapidly with views of both valleys. This trail connects with the Wildlife Corridor Trail (part of the Corriganville Trails) & the Hummingbird Creek Trail as well as the Chumash Trail and ends at the Las Llajas Trail connector.

The trail is located at the very east section of Simi Valley, at the end of Rocky Peak Rd. due north. Use Rocky Peak Rd. off-ramps to access the trailhead from the freeway; the trailhead is just north of the 118 Freeway off-ramps.

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