Hummingbird Creek Trail

The trail extends down along Hummingbird Creek, crosses the creek just north of the 118 Freeway and then climbs through beautiful sandstone rock formations for a total length of 2.0 miles and an elevation gain of over 1,000 feet where it intersects the Rocky Peak Fire Road some 0.8 miles north of the Rocky Peak Interchange of the freeway.  At that point, a bench awaits the tired climber. One may continue up the Rocky Peak Fire Road to Rocky Peak (1.7 miles). The trail is a favorite of mountain bikers, who prefer to go down the trail.

The trail is located in the northeast section of Simi Valley. The trailhead is accessed southeast of Kuehner Dr., about 1,300 ft. north of the 118 freeway (Kuehner Dr. west off-ramp).

Trail Safety Tips 

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