Chivo Canyon Trail

The name of the trail is Spanish for “goat”. Once you have hiked the trail you will understand that the domestic goat is the only grazing animal that can make use of those side hills. The trail is 1.6 miles to its north-northeasterly end, hence 3.2 miles up and back. The trail proceeds up the canyon for about 0.7 mile past the fork to the west, i.e., the Tapo Canyon Trail, at which point the trail extends to the northeast for about another 0.9 miles.

Chivo Canyon Trail is located in the northeast portion of Simi Valley. The trailhead is located approximately 1/2 mile north of Evening Sky Drive along Yosemite Avenue or 1,000 feet heading east on Cottonwood Drive, just around the bend. Yosemite Avenue & Cottonwood Drive are the same road but change names at around the bend.

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