Kate O'Brien
Mark Johnson
ice Chair
Elaine Freeman
Gene Hostetler

Ed Abele


Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District is governed by a five-member elected Board of Directors. Each Board member serves a four-year term of office. Board member elections are staggered on a three-member, two-member election rotation. That is, three members of the Board are elected in one election, and two years later the other two members are elected, and so on. This ensures that not all Board members are replaced in any one election, and therefore facilitates the continuity of institutional knowledge.

The District's Board of Directors is the legislative body responsible for establishing policies for the operation of the District and providing guidance for District staff to implement those policies. The individual Directors exercise power collectively - as a legislative body.

A member of the Board of Directors attends all regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors (regular meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of the month at the District headquarters). In preparation for meetings a Board Member reviews the agenda and staff reports with supporting documents to become familiar with the agenda items to be able to ask questions and participate in the discussion and deliberation on the agenda items.

After discussion and deliberation a vote of the members of the Board of Directors is taken on all action items. Actions items include but are not limited to the following areas; budget, policy, personnel, legislation, land, claims, lawsuits, projects, purchases and contracts. The District provides a large and diverse number of park facilities. It also provides hundreds of recreational activities annually in areas such as; aquatics, before and after school clubs, visual and martial arts, dance, gymnastics, fitness, seniors, alternative recreation, golf, youth and adult sports and community events. The District’s administration, maintenance and recreation operations take place under the general direction of the Board of Directors.

Board members are also representatives of the Park District and may serve on standing, liaison and ad hoc committees of the Board of Directors, and interact with other government entities that have jurisdiction over all or part of the geographic area in which the District operates. The District’s boundary is 113 square miles and includes the City of Simi Valley and adjacent unincorporated areas of Ventura County, and includes the community of Oak Park.

Board members may also serve in various capacities for other local, state and national organizations providing governance, legislative, educational and other supportive services to the community, special districts, and parks and recreation providers, including; California Park and Recreation Society, National Recreation and Park Association, California Association of Recreation and Park Districts, California Special Districts Association, Chamber of Commerce, Police, Education and Cultural Arts Foundations and more.

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Kate O'Brien - Chair
Park District Board Member from Nov. 2000 - Present
Occupation:  Engineer
Interest in serving on the Board: "I've have always been interested in community involvement. The Park District is a good sphere of influence in the community and a place where I can provide effective leadership."

Mark Johnson - Vice Chair
Park District Board Member from Nov. 1996 - Present
Mr. Johnson was also a Park District Board Member from Nov. 1990 - 1994
Occupation:  Retired School Teacher
Interest in serving on the Board: "I want to help keep the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District on the level it has been for the past 42 years.  I want to help improve on the programs we already have, and to help implement some new programs and activities." 

Elaine Freeman - Director
Park District Board Member from Jan. 2003 - Present
Occupation: Self Employed Consultant
Interest in serving on the Board: "My Interest in serving on the board of directors is to participate in the continuing success of the district. In addition, my interest in serving is to insure that the district provides a wide variety of opportunities to meet the park and recreation needs of its residents."

Gene Hostetler - Director
Park District Board Member from Nov. 1994 - Present
Occupation:  Retired
Interest in serving on the Board: "I want to be able to provide a positive direction to the district and to give back something to the community. I also want to experience politics within our community"

Ed Abele - Director
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