Rocky Pointe Natural Park

Go take a hike! From Located in the Southeast corner of Simi Valley, within the headwaters of the Arroyo Simi and Calleguas Creek watershed, 13-acre Rocky Pointe Park brings extraordinary natural resources to the edge of the city. Enormous sandstone outcrops jut from the valley floor, including a county-designated landmark, Knolls Rock. Adjacent to an old riverbed of the Arroyo Simi, the property includes oak woodlands, a vernal pool seasonal wetland with rare fairy shrimp, a confluence of two streams, and nesting habitat for White-throated swifts, Violet-green swallows, and Cliff swallows. Santa Susana Tarplant, a state-listed rare plant, and significant lichen flora grow on and around the many boulders and rocky knolls.