RSRPD Adult Softball

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 Our slow pitch leagues are offered five nights a week, three times a year. Mens, womens, and coed leagues are available. Get your squad together to play some ball!

Softball League Schedules and Standings

Monday Church Monday 
Wednesday Coed  Thursday Men's  Thursday Women's 
D-2 C-1 D-1 C-1 D-2 C-1 C-2
D-3 C-2 D-2 C-2 D-3 C-2 D-1
D-4 D-1   D-1 D-4 D-1  
D-5 D-2 *Summer  D-2 D-5 D-2  
D-6   Only*         
Playoff Schedule Playoff Schedule Playoff Schedule Playoff Schedule PlayoffSchedule Playoff Schedule PlayoffSchedule

Spring 2020 registrations are CLOSED
Registrations open Friday, January 17th.
 League play begins the week of February 9th 

Summer 2020 Regsitsrations are CLOSED
Regitration opens Friday, June 5th.
League play begins Sunday, June 21st.

Fall 2019 Registrations are CLOSED
Schedules are posted.
League play begins the week of August 25th.