Oak Park Preschool

                                   3 AND 4 YEAR OLDS

Monday-Thursday Structured         9:00 am-12:00 pm        Fees $259/month
Lunch Bunch Non Structured            12:00-pm-1:00 pm            Fees $80/month

The Oak Park Preschool specializes in preparing children with the skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. We have two very experienced teachers to support the different age groups.  We maintain low classroom ratios and class sizes so your child will receive lots of individualized attention in all areas of their education development.  Parents are not required to volunteer but will be asked to help with snack, special events and provide transportation for their child on field trips. 
Maximum 24 students enrolled in the program which includes a qualified Assistant with the Director when necessary depending on enrollment.  A wait list offers parents future possibilities to enroll, priority for 4 year olds will be considered first when a spot becomes available.  All students must be FULLY potty trained prior to first day of attendance, frequent accidents will result in dismissal.  

For additional information or space availability, please call the Community Center office at (818) 865-9304. To
 inquire about curriculum and specialized activities, contact the Preschool Director at oppreschool@gmail.com

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MONTHLY PRESCHOOL FEES: After initial enrollment, monthly tuition payments are required to be paid through our auto pay system. Forms authorizing the District to automatically debit a credit/debit card account on the first of each month are provided at time of enrollment.