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Valley View Feb 2017 Newsletter
Welcome to the Valley View Teen Club home page! 
Here at the club we work to build up teen's leadership skills, teamwork, and overall success! We do this through many programs, including Strong Girls, Boy's Club, Millionaire Monopoly, Student Council, Community Outreach, Youth Eat Real, and so much more! 

Our Strong Girls program works to bring the girls at our club together. Each session we talk about a specific area that all teens deals with (bullying, problems at home, confidence building, flaws, etc.) We have the counselors talk about their own experiences and then we have the teens share their experiences if they feel comfortable. After they talk about the matter on the schedule they do a team building activity together. 

Our Boy's Club program is a chance for the guys to talk it out. Yes, there are a lot of laughs and jokes! But underneath it all there is actually a good talk between them all. After they talk about the matter at hand they will all go play a team bonding sport or do an activity together. 

Our Monopoly Millionaires program teaches the teens about day to day activities that adults have to go through. During the club we do mock interviews to get them starting to make decisions about future jobs, they get to balance their income/expenses on an excel sheet, and we teach them the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building credit, applying for scholarships, etc. All of the things they need to know when they get their first job and start college. 

Our Student Council club is a great way for the teens to get involved with decisions that the club makes. They will help plan parties, make field trip decisions, and vote on all club matters. They have to run for the office that they would like to hold. During their campaign they must create a speech to give to all of the other students, and then the students will vote on each position open. 

Our community outreach program is a great way for the teens to get involved in the community and help make a difference. We do everything from making toys for animal shelters and then bringing them in for the animals, to visiting the fire station and having the teens help the firefighters out with easy tasks. We make sure that the teens understand the importance of helping out their community. 

Our Youth Eat Real program is probably their favorite-Because they get to eat a snack! They start the program off with a fun new activity. Whoever is involved in the activity will be able to get a snack. We make alternative healthy snack options and talk to the teens about why it is so important to eat healthy. Every day comes with a special blurb about a new topic, for instance, healthy teeth (and how to get them), healthy bones and heart, how to exercise and stretch correctly, and so much more!
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