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Priority registration for the 2017/2018 school year, will end on April 28th! Please make sure you turn in you paperwork early, space is limited!!!
Priority registration is for families with children currently enrolled at the After School Club. If you miss this dealine, you will need to attened Open Enrollment on May 20th.

Open Enrollment for After School Club starts Saturday, May 20th doors open at 8:00am
Open registration is for families not currently enrolled, but wish to be enrolled for the upcoming school year.

Oak Hills ASC General Information


Morning Care
- Drop off starts at 6:45am
- All Kindergartners are walked over to the kindergarten classrooms. Staff members wait with the children if there is no yard supervisor.
- 1st-5th grade are let out at 8:05; if a yard supervisor is present and a parent has give permission.
- No snack is provided by the club during Morning care; however we do allow your child to eat food they brought from home. 

Afternoon Care
- Discovery Kindergartener Sign In: Children will be picked up at their classroom every day at 12:15pm and will eat lunch at the afterschool club.
- Kindergartener Sign In: Children will be picked up from their classrooms everyday at 1:15pm. (12:15pm on Fridays and early dismissal days)
- 1st-5th Sign In: Children are responsible for walking to the afterschool club every day after school.
          - Children have 10 minutes to report to the after school club before we start phone calls.
- Reporting Absences: Anytime your child will not be attending their regularly scheduled day, a call should made to the site, (818) 889-2154. While Oak Hills Elementary does notify us of children who were absent from school, we are not informed if your child is picked up early from school or if they are getting picked up after school.
- Illness Policy: Any child who does not attend school and who has been out sick should be 24 hours symptom free before returning to the club and may not attend the club if they did not attend school.
- Homework Club: Homework club is for 1st through 5th graders only. Children will be provided a 30 minute quiet time to work on homework, reading, or alternate quiet activity. Children who do not complete their homework in this provided time will be allowed to work on homework during the other indoor activities. This will be their responsibility. We do not provide help with homework, if a child is struggling we recommend they take their homework home and ask a parent.
- 30 Minute Rotations: Children are split into groups based on age. Each group then rotates through different Activities every 30 minutes.
          - Activities include: Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games, Free Play Outside, Board Games, and Toys.
- Snack: 1st-5th grade is served snack when they arrive at the afterschool club, Kindergarteners are served snack after 3:00pm.
          - We serve 1 snack a day to the children, if your child does not like the snack or gets hungry often; we encourage them to bring extra food from home.
          - If your child gets hungry later on in the day they are welcome to eat any extra food they have in their lunch box.
          - All snacks are labeled for allergies; if your child has a food allergy please make sure we are aware of the allergy and we will provide an alternate snack and if needed, an alternate location for your child to eat.
          - Full Days (days there is no school) – children will be provided a morning and afternoon snack.
- Pick up: Please make sure any person signing your child out is over the age of 18 and brings their picture ID into the club with them. We will not release your child to another minor. We also will not release your child if we do not recognize the adult picking up your child.
          - If you have an alternate adult picking up your child, please make sure to contact the director, and leave the first and last name of the pickup adult. This will allow us to check their ID, and make sure we are releasing your child to the correct adult.
- Late Pickups: Oak Hills ASC closes at 6:00pm any children still at the club are subject to a late plenty fee. The fee is $10 per child for any portion of 15 minutes past 6:00pm. If it is unavoidable to be late, please call and communicate with the after school club.

Registration for Oak Park After School Clubs begin Saturday May 20, 2017 8am at the Oak Park Community Center, 1000 N. Kanan Rd. Oak Park. Please call the Oak Park Community Center for more information at 818 865-9304.