Mae Boyar



Priority registration for the upcoming 2017/2018 school year will be available on site soon.

Rancho Simi Winter Enrichment Classes beginning the week of January 23rd. You may enroll on-line. Some really FUN classes offered so don't wait! Information sheets on-site. 

* On-Site Monday-Friday for NO additional fee:
  • Homework Club
  • Sports & Craft Clubs
  • Afternoon Snacks (On Full Days Morning & Afternoon Served)
* Reporting Absences: Anytime your child will not be attending their regularly scheduled day, a call should made to the site. Brookside school does not contact us when your child is not in attendance.
Late Pick up: A late fee will be added to your account in the amount of $10.00 every 15 minutes or portion thereof after a scheduled pick up time of 3pm or 6pm.
*Illness Policy: As a friendly reminder, as we enter into the FLU SEASON, any child who has been out sick should be 24 hour symptom free before returning to the club.

Boyar ASC Philosophy: It is our goal to: 
  • Remind every child that they are special
  • Let every child know they have a gift 
  • Allow every child to be themselves
  • Help every child make memories to share for years to come ....