Authority of Park Rangers


In accordance with the State of California Penal Code, Section 830.31(b), “Persons designated by a local agency as park rangers, and regularly employed and paid as such, are peace officers; provided that the primary duty of any such peace officer shall be the protection of park property and preservation of the peace therein.” In addition Section 5782.26 of the California Public Resource Code provides that the police appointed or employed by the Board shall have, within the Park District for which they are employed, all the powers of police officers of municipal corporations.


There seems to be some confusion in the minds of some select individuals as to the authority of Park Rangers. The Rangers have the same authority as local police relative to anything happening on Park District property or at District operated programs. The Park District’s Park Rangers issue warnings, issue citations, make arrest, etc., as do police.


Anyone interfering with a Park Ranger in the performance of his enforcement duties is subject to the same criminal prosecution as an individual who interferes with any police officer.