Youth Triathlon

9th Annual Splash and Dash
Youth Triathlon

Put down October 13th for next years event!!

Congratulations to our winners:
14 year old Male: Issiah Rico
13 year old Male: Nicolas Miceli
13 year old Female: Grace White
12 year old Male: Johnny Jansen
12 year old Female: Abigail Degnan
11 year old Male: Tristan Kanner
10 year old Male: Brady Spencer
10 year old Female: Samantha Collins
9 year old Male: Matthieu Fresco
9 year old Female: Sita Cortez
8 year old Male: Vladamir Kostandinov
8 year old Female: Annabelle Blackbird
7 year old Male: Nolan Calkins
7 year old Female: Sarona Lin
6 year old Male: William Dodd
6 year old Female: Camaran Ayon
5 year old Male: William Blackbird
5 year old Female: Yeva Lin

11 year old Tristan Kanner Biking Along
Hunter Yin ditching his helmet
Johnny Jansen Cooling off on the run.
Jake Degnan in the transition area